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Welcome to Crickkfit Sports & Fitnesss

Crickkfit Sports & Fitnesss

The foundation of the Crickkfit was laid by Sumit Kumar with the sole aim of providing quality cricket training and opportunity to learn from experts in the field of cricket through a fun and innovative environment.

This all-year-round academy integrates the best in cricketing techniques, technology, and coaches to develop a World-Class Cricketer of Tomorrow.

For the overall development of the young cricketer, strength improvement through other games – swimming, tennis, football – mini tournaments, and sessions with specialists are organised, based on the ability, age group and expertise level of the players.

Stay connected with the latest happenings at the Academy. We celebrate Cricket everyday.

Mental strength is as important as physical ability in Cricket. Our team of psychologists ensures holistic development of our students & even advices our coaches.

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